This is a show about the slippery nature of identitiesthe ones you give yourself, the ones forced onto you and the ones that were once strong and now you are just clinging on to. More specifically it’s a show about breasts, gender and using urinals. But mostly it is about baring all.


bound has three screens showing my growing concept of gender and my changing perspective on my own gender expression spanning 5 years. these three films are a mix of interview style candid accounts of my life as a woman who looks like a boy and is confused by my breasts. Aswell as actions born out of the things I feels but don’t know how to explain. I am seen making a fire in full feminine evening ware. Planting tampons, dildos and turkey basters whilst hidden behind a beard and trying to create nature making my own tree with twigs and gaffer tape. 

bound imagePhoto: Jamila Johnson-Small

“Hutson’s performance is one of empowerment, speaking candidly about a commitment to individual transgression.” – Diana Damian, Exeunt

Bound was originally commissioned by Oval House, theatre on the mill and Brighton Marlborough and has been supported by the Yard Theatre , Steak House Live and the Arts Council England. Videos made in collaboration with Claire Nolan

Photo: Ves Pitts

Trailer: Dasa Raimanova