How do you know if you are living the life of a good person?
How do you act to make people like you and how do you dress to make people fancy you? Britney Spears Custody Battle... is a show about external validation and self indulgence. Its about my personal guilt and apathy about the current state of affairs

Drawing on my experience trying to find Jesus, battling my own consumerist choices, filling in mental health forms, protesting and attempting to chat up women,the show questions how you are supposed to know if you are living the life of a good person. Through a mix of audience interaction, autobiographical confession and a touch of spiritual cleansing,the show is a humorous and starkly honest depiction of modern day ethics.

Developed with support from the Yard Theatre, Escalator East, Arts Council England and Steakhouse Live.



I was bowled over by Lucy Hutson’s Britney Spears Custody Battle… a provoking and very funny piece that considers what we believe in and just how hard it is to lead an ethical life.‘ – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, April 2014

Photo: Juliet Bauer

Trailer : Claire Nolan