I have lived the life of a makeshift domestic goddess. I’ve iced cakes, made pom-poms with the Women’s Institute, got a year’s subscription to Good Housekeeping magazine and learned how to weave with the Spinners & Weavers Guild of East Essex, in the hope of finding my inner femininity.

IMG_6725 copyThis is a hopeful endeavour to explain what gender feels like to me. The show is a mix up of 2 main components filmed footage of the women in my family from my sixteen-year-old cousin to my ninety-three-year-old nana all talking about being women and autobiographical accounts of my life as not-quite-woman With experiments in online dating and medically respected gender tests. There is Genuine attempts at fitting in and belligerent revelry in variation.

Premiered at Spill Festival 2013, developed with support from Escalator East, Colchester Art Centre and Arts Council England, with mentoring from Dickie Beau and Kim Noble.



‘A perfectly pitched intimate but rough journey into Lucy’s wrestling match with the idea of gender. This show is all about transition – Lucy floats between mini-stages, identities, appearances and mock-up genitals with a fluidity which is as beguiling as it is disconcerting. Witty and honest, this show feels like a lullaby about a personal nightmare, which leaves you waking up smiling.’ – Hester Chillingworth, Artistic Director GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN

Photo: Pari Naderi.